Meet TheGroceryWizard, where your groceries are delivered, with a touch of magic.

Step into a brand new world of having your groceries conveniently delivered.

Download the app to get started

Meet TheGroceryWizard, where your groceries are delivered, with a touch of magic.

Step into a brand new world of having your groceries conveniently delivered.

Download the app to get started

Why choose us?

Having groceries delivered to the comfort of your own home is convenient, and saves time. With GroceryWizard, you can expect a 5 star professional shopper to deliver your groceries the right way, everytime.


This is probably most clients' favorite difference! With the other guys (or gals), you never get to use the same shopper; it is based off the shopper's geolocation. When you use the same shopper, they get to know your preferences, and you build a rapport with them!


I can't stress this enough! With other apps, they charge you a markup on the items (which is why they don't give you a receipt). You can be paying up to 30% more for your groceries. Im here to cut out the CFO and pass on the savings to you! This is also how they are able to offer "free" delivery; because you are paying for it.


If you would prefer me to drop of packages in your garage or on your porch for a contact-free delivery, I can do that! Not at home for your delivery? I can leave your packages for you at your address with a timestamped photo! ***The Grocery Wizard is not liable for any stolen or spoiled packages if they are left outside in the elements***


If you want items from different stores (because they have a sale, or because you like their quality better on fresh groceries; or if the store you requested is sold out), I can shop multiple stores for you on one order! No other grocery delivery app/website offers this!


Unlike the other apps, 100% of the profit (less the SG&A costs) goes to the shopper/ businessowner. With "them" you make very little per shop, and you don't even get to keep 100% of the tip, which is what they promote on their site.


Not only can we shop different stores, we can shop different types of stores. We can shop grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Imagine having us go to publix to pick up cookie dough, an italian restaurant to get dinner and Best Buy to get an oven to bake the cookies- all in one order!


If you forget to put an item on your list, no worries! Just send me a text, and I can add it it on to the receipt. As long as the item is on the receipt, I can add it to your order. But it doesn't stop there! Are you in a rush or not tech-savvy? Just put one item on your shopping list and send me a list of what you need, and I can shop off that! ***A convenience fee may apply***


The Dumpling app is very easy to use! Not only is it easy to use, but you can create an order items that aren't listed in the app by creating a custom item! The app even helps you budget your money by giving price estimates. (Price estimates are just that... estimates. They are based on the national average on what other shoppers have paid. Don't worry, you will always pay in-store prices.)

Things you can do with the time you saved by shopping with TheGroceryWizard:

Go out for a walk/walk your dog.

Netflix and chill

Find new recipes to try

Call your family

Get a workout in

Wash the dishes

Empty your refrigerator

Have fun with the kids

How it Works?

4 Magical Steps:

Download App

Click the download app button and sign up for dumpling. You will then be redirected to my business page on Dumpling.

Choose Store

Choose a store from the available stores I shop at. If your store is not on the list, choose "pick a store." We also do restaurant deliveries and other types of delivery, too!

Make a List

Once you know which stores you need items at, add the items to your cart.


Schedule Delivery

Wait for the magical house elves to deliver your groceries!

Same shopper every time

Pay in-store prices

Can shop multiple stores

Support local business

Easy to use app


Get the version you need from Apple or Google


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